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WiFi 7 demand spikes ahead of launch

By , ITWeb
Africa , 29 Jan 2024
More enterprises plan to deploy WiFi 7 globally.
More enterprises plan to deploy WiFi 7 globally.

The WiFi 7 market has already hit $1 billion, yet it will only be available in May 2024.

This is one of the conclusions of an Auvik data-driven networking trends analysis that used Google Trends and other sources to analyse Internet user behaviour dating back to 2004.

Auvik says WiFi 7 is expected to generate $24.2 billion in revenue by 2030, representing a significant shift in wireless technology that IT professionals must investigate.

Other significant findings on the reaserch include:

* Growing concerns about cloud computing security - In December 2023, interest in the search phrase "cloud computing security" was within 3% of its five-year peak, up 106% from December 2018. The increase in Google searches underscores the increased challenges of protecting cloud infrastructures and the need for strong security measures.

* Economic downturn increases interest in cost-effective cloud options - The search phrase 'cloud cost' reached 95% of its global 5-year high in December 2023, coinciding with a two-year global economic crisis. Organisations around the world are looking for ways to optimise cloud spending in the face of economic problems, presenting IT professionals with a balancing act between innovative and cost-effective solutions.

* Interest in network security management reaches a 16-year high, coinciding with the rise of remote work - In December 2023, searches for 'network security management' were at their highest level since 2007.

This continues an escalating trend that appears to be tied to the rise of remote work during the Covid-19 outbreak and related cyber security problems. The considerable increase highlights the importance of enhanced network security measures in an ever-changing cyber warfare.

* The market size of IaaS is larger than that of PaaS and SaaS. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is expected to reach $182 billion in 2024, a 26.6% increase in end-user spending from the previous year. This will exceed the growth of platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS), which are expected to expand.

What these networking trends indicate

These developments collectively depict a fast changing networking landscape in which technology, security, and efficiency intersect. For IT professionals, these networking trends serve as a road map to the future of network administration, emphasising areas for growth and transformation.

Increased interest in network management indicates a trend towards more inventive, secure, and efficient cloud networks.

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