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An unprecedented shopping experience with Petal Search

Huawei’s developed search engine app, Petal Search, allows users to easily search for and find the things they need. You can find news, videos, images, information, flights, and travel, and products, all in the palm of your hands. Launched in 2020, Petal Search has truly brought value to users, by providing intuitive search experiences that are tailor-made for each unique need.

If you love shopping, we have news for you.

Petal Search has been updated with new features and enhancements to bring you an unprecedented shopping experience. Featuring an elevated all-in-one search experience powered by AI-accelerated intelligent search integration, the search engine provides a full spectrum search experience that allows you to unlock cognitive search capabilities. Here are 3 ways that you can find your best buys on Huawei’s Petal Search.

Visual search – search by image to find similar products

The Petal Search advanced visual search opens you up to a world of curiosity. Using your Huawei smartphone’s camera, you can now leverage Petal Search’s visual search technology that supports photo search, and reverse image search, to provide a better searching and shopping experience for you.

Simply snap a photo, and Petal Search will identify the object, generate information on it and provide you with a wide range of similar products that you are looking for.

Seen something you want but not sure where to get it?

To search by image, simply open Petal Search, and tap the camera icon in the main search bar. You can take a photo with your camera or choose one from your gallery. When you search for a product, a coffee table for instance, Petal Search can pick out details of the table from the photo you upload to the engine, and then processes the image data. It can also provide you with information such as how much it costs, and where to buy it. Fortunately for you, Petal Search can also generate quality recommendations of similar products for you.

Voice Search - hand free search results

If you've ever tried to search for anything with your hands covered in water, soap or food, then you’ll know how difficult it is to get this done. With Petal Search, that's not a problem. You can now search using your voice, simply say what it is that you require, and the results will pop up in seconds.

Petal Search supports voice searches in a variety of languages. Not only can you shop and find the store that you are looking for, using this method. You can also look up a wide range of content, such as music, news, weather forecasts, and flights, by simply by using your voice.

To perform a voice search, press the mic icon on the display, speak into your device's microphone, and once you’re done, you remove your finger. Petal Search will then present you with a display of the relevant search results.

Recommended for you – a personal browsing journey

The world has diverse items and creations. Huawei recognises that we each have individual tastes. So, in seeking to bring you the very best display of deviations catered to your tastes, Petal Search has another way in which you can shop - the recommended for you section.

If you want something that is tailored to your experience, trust Petal Search to find what’s best for you. Using AI capabilities, the search engine can single out your preferences and interests from your search history and recommend a list of products and offerings that are suited for you. To use this feature, simply tap on ‘recommended for you’.

To further inspire you to explore Petal Search’s shopping hub, the platform also provides you with products that you are trending. Who knows, you may find the latest fashionable items to up your street cred.

Petal Search AI capabilities bring you an exceptional search experience to help you find what you need. It’s your one-way-stop search engine to elevate your shopping experience, discover new things and shop away this season. 

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