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Tactile welcomes touch-screen expert Annalise Olivier

Tactile welcomes touch-screen expert Annalise Olivier

Touch-screen technology is the answer. These are the words of Tactile Technologies' newly appointed Gauteng regional manager Annalise Olivier, who takes over the company's office at The Innovation Hub in Pretoria this week.

"In a country like South Africa, touch technology is ideal. It provides such great interfaces which do away with the need for the literacy levels which the keyboard demands of a user," she says, commenting on her longstanding appreciation of the technology.

Olivier says she will use her new position to spread the word within the industry about the many benefits of the touch-screen interface.

"Our vision is to bring knowledge about the technology, and the necessary tools, to our resellers and solutions providers. We want to cultivate an environment in which touch technology is considered as a major contributor to business and government."

Olivier's love affair with the technology started when she became involved with interactive touch-screen kiosks and the concept of self-service in 1998. Since then she has helped roll out some of the country's first major touch-screen kiosk installations, such as those used by MTN, Vodacom, Incredible Connection and Nedcor.

"Working with these industry leaders has given me the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons in the local self-service realm, from finding the business objective, matching that with the end-user's expectations, kiosk enclosure design and manufacturing, application development, integration and commissioning services. I understand what keeps a project alive and successful."

Tactile Technologies managing director Mauro Mercuri explains his appointment of the new Gauteng regional manager: "Annalise Olivier is a highly skilled professional with a great deal of experience in the touch-screen arena. She is considered an authority on self-service, so we are glad to have her on board."

Given her extensive background in this area, Mercuri asserts that Olivier will be "another step forward" for Tactile Technologies.

Tactile Technologies will also be launching a new solutions division soon, which Olivier will head up. This means the company will begin to develop boxed packages for clients, where tailored software will be matched with the Elo touch technology that the company has made its name supplying the industry to date. These "bundled" products are expected to make the roll-out of new solutions much easier for clients.

"I am very excited about the role that Tactile Technologies is playing in this industry," concludes Olivier. "I believe that their focus, commitment to quality products and service, together with innovative thinking will position them as the market leader of touch technology in Southern Africa, Middle Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands."

Annalise Olivier is available on:
Tel: 012 844 1005, Fax: 086 520 0775, Cell: 082 7756 538,

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