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American Tower Africa to replace 30% of its diesel with biodiesel, in Kenya

By , Africa editor
Africa , 10 Oct 2023
ATC Africa CEO, Marek Busfy.
ATC Africa CEO, Marek Busfy.

American Tower Africa (ATC) has announced plans to replace 30% of the diesel fuel it uses across its Kenyan network of cellphone tower sites, with biodiesel.

ATC’s intention to utilise biodiesel comes after the company's energy team produced a successful proof of concept, which resulted in a 16% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, when compared to standard diesel.

It claims that utilising biodiesel, rather than regular diesel fuel, can cut GHG emissions in the short term, while the corporation continues to invest in ways to integrate renewable energy solutions at facilities that rely on reliable backup power.

The news comes, today, as the New York Stock Exchange-listed international parent company released its 2022 sustainability report, which explains its overall sustainability strategy and provides a thorough analysis of progress made to date in its environmental, social, and governance programmes.

For example, ATC reports that in Africa, its GHG emissions per tower dropped by 21% last year, compared to 2019.

ATC Africa CEO, Marek Busfy, said: “American Tower recognises the importance of managing natural resources efficiently.”

According to the company, as of 2022, over 45% of sites in American Tower’s global portfolio – more than 100,000 sites – have achieved ISO 14001 certification, and the company is working to increase this, with additional markets in Africa and Latin America pursuing certification by 2025.

ATC says that through an investment of $300 million in GHG emission and energy reduction initiatives in Africa, since 2018, it estimates that on-site diesel consumption has decreased by nearly 43.5 million litres annually, when compared to business-as-usual operations. This equates to roughly 117,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which has not been produced.

Other highlights from the 2022 report include: a 9.5% reduction in combined scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions, compared to a 2019 baseline; ATC grew on-site renewable energy capacity to over 85 megawatts, at nearly 15,000 sites; and opened 124 new ‘Digital Communities’, which provide access to technology and digital connectivity in underserved communities, bringing the global total to 445 across 15 countries.

* Since publication of this story, American Tower Africa has clarified its original media release, used in the production of this story, stating that through its Kenya operation NOT across Africa, it plans to substitute 30% of its diesel fuel with biodiesel. 

The company has apologised for this error in judgement and accuracy in the original press release. ITWeb Africa would also like to apologise to our readers for any confusion this may have caused. 

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