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Ericsson, Tigo partner with GSMA on Tanzania connectivity project

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Tanzania , 03 Mar 2017

Ericsson, Tigo partner with GSMA on Tanzania connectivity project

Ericsson and Tanzanian mobile network operator (MNO) Tigo have partnered to launch the first of a series of rural pilot tower sites to provide mobile broadband coverage in parts of the Lindi Mtwara region.

In a statement, the companies explain that the deployment is the offshoot of a pilot infrastructure-sharing partnership brokered by the GSMA with Tigo, the government of Tanzania, and two other major MNOs to connect the over 13 million underserved individuals.

"Sharing infrastructure and engaging the government on reduced taxes in these regions allows operators to reduce the cost of deploying mobile broadband networks in places where it was previously not viable to do so," reads the statement.

Tigo and Ericsson have launched the first active site based on the new generation, multi-standard Ericsson Radio System.

According to the partners, the suite of solutions provides the capabilities needed to reduce total cost of ownership by up to 40% when rolling out Ericsson's total site solution for mobile broadband.

"This makes investments viable in markets with low average revenue per user," the companies explain.

Jerome Albou, Chief Technical and IT Officer, Tigo Tanzania, says: "Access to mobile broadband will open these rural communities to previously elusive services such as mobile money, e-health, e-education and e-government."

Jean-Claude Geha, Head of Region Sub-Saharan Africa, Ericsson, says: "We are strong advocates of the role of ICT to enable the realisation of a new, universal set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our partnerships and solutions seek to bring the benefits of mobile technology to everyone in creating a more inclusive and sustainable world. With Tigo, we delivered the most sustainable and efficient mobile broadband solution capturing the needs of these specific, rural sites."

The new suite of solutions includes Ericsson Site Manager software paired with Ericsson Site Controller, Radio 2219, Antenna Integrated Radio, AIR 2488, MINI-LINK 6363, MINI-LINK 6651 indoor unit and new additions to the Ericsson Enclosure family.

It also includes new software enhancements to both the Zero Touch WCDMA and Flow of Users solutions.

In May 2016 Tigo announced its intention to invest US$75 million into 4G/LTE network infrastructure in a region considered to be one of the operator's strategic markets.

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