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Kyocera's New Value Frontier

KYOCERA's corporate slogan, "The New Value Frontier" reflects KYOCERA's commitment to continuously creating new value at the cutting edge of technology.

Greater value is actively sought after - now more than ever. Which is why KYOCERA Document Solutions South Africa has shifted focus from total cost of ownership, to something more pertinent to many organisations: the total savings of ownership that we know can be achieved with our managed document services (MDS) offering.

There are three ways Kyocera's MDS systems can add to any print-heavy organisation's savings:-

Three-tier charging system
greener printing initiatives
Responsible scanning and digital document storage

1. Three-tier charging system

KYOCERA's three-tier billing system offers exceptional value to customers with high-volume, low-coverage print workloads. The system charges customers according to the colour toner coverage of each print, rather than a flat colour page rate.

It's the difference between printing a text-heavy document with a splash of colour in the header and being charged for a full page colour print vs. being charged an amount that correlates with the actual amount of toner used.

2. Greener printing initiatives

The focus on the elimination of irresponsible printing includes effective waste management, by allowing used black toner containers to be immediately recycled as waste toner containers. When the toner is finished, it can be removed and used to replace the current waste container. That way, "full waste toner" events are prevented from happening and no purchase of a waste container is needed, which has a direct impact to the cost per page.

At the point of print release, users also have the option to preview their documents on the device itself, helping to eliminate unnecessary prints and assist organisations in achieving their KPIs for reducing their carbon footprint.

3. Responsible scanning and digital document storage

The enhanced software that resides on Kyocera devices allows for the processing and routing of digital documents according to pre-determined workflows. This removes time-consuming steps between workers scanning their documents and getting them where they need to be.

Enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) functionality and the ability of the devices to scan both sides of a document at the same time ensures responsible scanning. Also, smart features built into the software also ensures that blank pages aren't saved into scanned documents, saving on file size and storage space.

KYOCERA's Managed Document Services constantly strives to enhance the total savings of ownership. The New Value Frontier is a perfect blend of premium products, software solutions and (professional) services that increases an organisation's workflow efficiency, enhances productivity, minimises environmental impact and reduces operating costs.

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