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Zimbabwe to witness pioneering VMware SD-WAN implementation

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Africa , Zimbabwe , 10 Mar 2023
Binesh George, CEO and co-founder of Redvine Networks.
Binesh George, CEO and co-founder of Redvine Networks.

Zimbabwe is set to witness the first VMware software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) implementation for a local entity.

This, after Johannesburg-based SD-WAN solutions provider Redvine Networks penned a partnership with Dandemutande, a Zimbabwean ICT solutions provider, to deliver SD-WAN solutions to an insurance group.

The unnamed insurance company in Zimbabwe also has branches in SADC and Europe, according to the company statement and ‘phase one of the 60 sites where the solution that delivers SD-WAN from the cloud will be implemented’.

SD-WAN integrates edge, gateway, and orchestrator technologies to ensure the optimal delivery of data between organisations and their cloud service providers. Gateways are deployed at datacentres to optimise traffic paths for assured performance and provide security services like firewalls.

Yesterday, Redvine Networks and Dandemutande announced the ICT solutions provider had closed a sale in Zimbabwe, saying: “it is the first VMware SD-WAN implementation for a local Zimbabwean organisation.”

The move into Zimbabwe by Redvine Networks is part of the company’s expansion plan and has since implemented its gateways in Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and in the UK and Italy in Europe.

“Interest in SD-WAN technology, which helps organisations optimise their networks, is growing in the Zimbabwean market. The potential is huge, and we are excited to work with a reputable partner like Dandemutande as we continue to extend our pan-African reach,” said Binesh George, CEO and co-founder of Redvine

For Dandemutande, which offers connectivity, cloud solutions, cyber security, IT hardware and software among other ICT solutions in Zimbabwe, the Redvine partnership is important as it enhances experience for its customers.

Never Ncube, Dandemutande chief executive officer, commented: “Together, we have not only strong technical capabilities and skills but also relationships with vendors like VMware.It means we can provide our customers with a comprehensive approach to managing and monitoring their network to increase productivity and provide them with growth opportunities to increase their profits.

“This is a long-term partnership that has extensive opportunities as SD-WAN is the future. We are early adopters of the technology in Zimbabwe, which provides us with a competitive advantage to grow the market.” 

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