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New partnership to empower Morocco’s youth with digital skills

By , ITWeb
Morocco , 18 Nov 2021

Nokia has announced a partnership with UNICEF and Orange Foundation to empower marginalised young people, particularly girls, in Morocco with digital, entrepreneurial and environmental skills.

According to information supplied, the UPSHIFT program will empower young people “to become resilient citizens who engage more actively with their families, schools, everyday life and contribute to the economy.”

It aims to enable them to support and give back to their communities as well as becoming increasingly productive through employment or self-employment. The UPSHIFT social innovation and venture curriculum is featured as part of the World Bank’s Solutions for Youth Employment portfolio.

Stakeholders have said that by the end of the programme, at least 1,400 young people, of which at least 60% will be girls, will have received training in transferable skills such as working with others, self-esteem, creativity and communication. They will also be supported in digital skills development and in raising their awareness of climate change challenges.

At least 500 young people will benefit from the social innovation curriculum, while roughly 250 young people will be assisted in developing projects to launch youth-led ventures.

Orange Morocco, through its Foundation, will join forces to assist and train the young people enrolled in the UPSHIFT program. Its employees will also contribute in the different stages of the program on selected areas such as digital skills.

The project will be run in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education (Second Chance Schools initiative) and the Ministry of Youth (Youth Houses and Women centres).

Naseem Awl,  representative Ad-Interim at UNICEF Morocco, said: “This program shows the value of different partners - both public and private - in coming together in support of young people and the development of their skills. Nokia is contributing important direct support but also engaging directly through its employees along with Orange Morocco’s with young people in sharing their time, expertise and mentorship. We, at UNICEF Morocco, see this as a positive example for sustainable programmes for young people that are rooted in national strategies for impact and strengthened with innovation and community engagement.”

Hendrick Kasteel, CEO at Orange Morocco, added: “The Orange Foundation is proud to join this program alongside UNICEF and Nokia with the objective of developing digital skills and promoting the professional integration of marginalised young Moroccans. Convinced of our experience to help them build their professional know-how, we will provide these young project leaders training in digital skills that are essential for the design of their projects and coach them to achieve their objectives with the help of Orange employees in skills sponsorship.”

Pierre Chaume, VP, North and West Africa Market Unit at Nokia, said: "We believe in the power of collaboration to drive development, and are proud to team up with Orange Foundation to support our partner UNICEF’s flagship program, UPSHIFT, in Morocco. By together focusing on youth social innovation and entrepreneurship, we will empower underprivileged youth and equip them with digital, entrepreneurial and green skills.”

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