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  • DafriBank gift cards fly off the virtual shelves as customers snap up new voucher option
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DafriBank gift cards fly off the virtual shelves as customers snap up new voucher option

Customers of DafriBank Digital Bank of Africa, the next generation cross border banking provider, have welcomed the bank’s latest innovation – DafriBank gift cards in partnership with leading brands.

DafriBank’s new partnership with top brands including Amazon, Adidas, Binance and Huawei, allows customers to purchase gift cards right from their DafriBank dashboard and quickly and easily transfer them to recipients across the world, to the delight of everyone involved.

Catherine Anajemba. MD at DafriGroup, says gift cards are a hugely popular way to treat loved ones or reward employees, partners or customers globally.

“Our new offering, which was released on 23 April 2022, has seen an influx of shoppers and patrons of brands such as Amazon, Binance and Adidas acquiring thousands of dollars’ worth of gift cards in the first two days,” Anajemba says. “We are seeing particularly good traction in digitally focused brands. Technology is changing the way businesses do business with their consumers. Almost every single consumer now has access to a device, either a phone or a laptop, and the way they engage with businesses through these devices really forces businesses to embrace transformation from a digital point of view.”

She notes that a bank guaranteed gift card gives customers convenience and peace of mind, and is the fastest way to send a gift: “DafriBank gift cards provide you access to catalogues of retailers including popular brands such as Apple, Amazon, Binance, Hotel.com, GameStop, Adidas, Roblox, Xbox and more.”

She adds: “We are constantly growing this selection to further allow customers to find the gift cards and exact values they are looking for. Our gift card offering provides access to over 750 international and regional brands under one roof. Rather than visiting individual store sites, customers can purchase multiple third-party cards directly from their DafriBank Account, and it takes five seconds for our gift card transfers to arrive in recipients’ mobile phones, via SMS, e-mail, or CSV, no matter where they are located.”

DafriBank Gift Cards contain one of the market’s largest global brand selections and are redeemable across currencies and borders. “It’s the perfect choice as a sales incentive, employee benefit, or as part of reward, member, or sales programme helping businesses grow by improving customer retention, offering attractive incentives and maximising distribution,” says Anajemba.

She concludes: “DafriBank’s mission has always been clear from onset, to make basic banking services helpful, and enabling consumers to buy their favourite brands gift card within our dashboard aligns with this mission.”

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