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Zambia plans to build a mining tech hub

By , Zambia Contributor
Zambia , 02 May 2024
Felix Mutati, Zambia's minister of science and technology.
Felix Mutati, Zambia's minister of science and technology.

Zambia is investing $6 million in technology to increase mineral production while also improving sustainability, productivity, and safety in mining operations.

This will be accomplished through the establishment of the Mining Technology (MinTech) hub, which is being planned.

The facility will act as an innovation and collaboration hub for the mining sector. It will also offer training and capacity-building programmes to encourage the adoption of new technologies and practices.

Felix Mutati, minister of science and technology, stated that the construction of a MinTech cluster was consistent with the government's aim of fostering value addition.

"We are the major producers of a variety of minerals, but specifically copper," he stated at the just completed Timbuktoo Retreat Strategy in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mutati stated that government policy has always been to add value to Zambia's mining production.

The minister stated that the government intended to use such value addition to make electronic car batteries, which required technology and research.

"Therefore, the MinTech hub will create solutions in the mining sector that will enhance productivity and help the country realise its full benefits from its rich mineral resource," he stated.

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) will provide funds for the hub.

UNDP Africa Director Ahunna Eziakonwa stated that the organisation would collaborate with partners to encourage investment in the construction and equipment needed for the hub to take off.

"We will front a lot of technical capacities that are needed and bring in some equipment and we hope the private sector, particularly those in the mining sector, will come on board because this will benefit them hugely," she went on to say.

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