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MPOST launches digital postal services in Rwanda

Twahir Mohammed, MPOST founder.
Twahir Mohammed, MPOST founder.

MPOST, a digital postal service, has launched in Rwanda, offering the e-P.O.Box system, which aims to improve the postal experience for locals.

The solution by MPOST enables individuals and businesses to receive mail and parcels directly to their mobile-linked e-P.O. Box, removing the need for physical P.O. Boxes and delivering a more convenient postal experience.

According to the company, fewer than 1% of Rwanda's population has access to a post office, which is frequently characterised by long lines and poor accessibility.

It hopes that MPOST's e-P.O.Box technology will allow Rwandans to turn their cell phone numbers into formal postal addresses.

MPOST said its entry in Rwanda comes as the government has been making strides in utilising innovation and technology for socioeconomic advancement and the improvement of public services for Rwandans.

According to the company, offering the e-P.O. Box platform will assist e-commerce businesses in expanding their reach, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing delivery times.

It stated: "This will allow local entrepreneurs and enterprises to thrive, bolstering the economy and establishing Rwanda as a burgeoning powerhouse for digital commerce in the region. The system's efficiency will reduce logistical challenges and operational costs for e-commerce platforms, encouraging more start-ups and established companies to invest in Rwanda's digital economy."

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