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Senegal moves closer to nationwide rollout of commercial 5G

By , ITWeb
Africa , 08 Jun 2022

Selected 5G demos include Music Connect, Connected Healthcare, Connected Vehicles and Fixed Wireless Access for smart homes.

Ericsson and 4G+ network Free in Senegal collaborated to showcase 5G technology capacity at at the Free Senegal Innovation Xperience (FIX) ceremony held recently.

The selected demos include Music Connect, Connected Healthcare, Connected Vehicles and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) for smart homes, primarily focused on the role of 5G in enabling a more intelligent society.

According to the companies, the demos have highlighted the role of connectivity and cellular technology in driving digital transformation for consumers and industries across Senegal.

“By visualising artists spread across various locations playing together in harmony, the Music Connect demo showed how 5G can provide enriching experiences across distances. The Connected Vehicles and Connected Healthcare demos focus on 5G’s ability to improve people’s lives, minimise road hazards, and facilitate remote diagnosis through real-time interaction. With FWA being the most efficient and scalable alternative to wired connections, Ericsson and Free in Senegal also demonstrated how its high reliability and high capacity could provide optimal network performance for smart homes,” they stated.

Ericsson and Free in Senegal added that the collaboration forms part of an ongoing network transformation partnership which has seen both parties work together to launch 4G services and 5G Non-standalone (NSA) sites across Dakar.

With five 5G NSA trial sites launched across Dakar last year and twenty 5G NSA trial sites currently being installed, the partners remain focused on expanding 4G services and 5G trial sites across Senegal, bringing the nation closer to a nationwide rollout of commercial 5G.

Mamadou Mbengue, CEO, Free in Senegal said: “In the last few years, mobile technology has had an increasing role in driving digitalisation across Senegal. Working together with Ericsson and following the frequency allocation from the regulator we were able to successfully demonstrate 5G’s potential in transforming industries and creating innovative use cases across the country. With the nations Digital Senegal Strategy 2025 aiming to make the country a hub for digital transformation in the next few years, we are certain that our collaboration with Ericsson will bring us one step closer to realising the national agenda.”

Nora Wahby, VP and head of customer unit West Africa & Morocco from Ericsson, added: “We are thrilled to work with Free Senegal and demonstrate the enriching and transformative capabilities 5G holds for industries across the region. Communication technologies are driving Senegal towards the digital age and through our state-of-art 5G solutions, we aspire to help the nation build an inclusive digital economy to thrive in the digital era. Having a long-standing partnership with Free in Senegal, we remain committed to supporting Free to modernise and enhance the nation’s digital infrastructure to meet various social and economic challenges and evolve consumer experiences.”

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