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Botswana Telecommunications triggers DX strategy to streamline operations

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) is to review non-core technology areas of the business in an effort to holistically optimise operations. This undertaking forms part of the company’s digital transformation strategy 2021-2023, which seeks to optimise and monetise the company’s assets.

“We have also started and we anticipate that any outcomes of this review will streamline our operations to improve profitability margins,” said BTC Board Chairperson, Lorato Boakgomo-Ntakhwana.

Offering fixed - voice and data, mobile - voice and data and broadband services to consumers, the company said was not spared by the impact of COVID-19, registering a 1% percent growth in its financial year 2021, from P1.42-billion in 2020 to P1.43-billion in 2021, as it rolled out its new blueprint.

“This year we had a significant improvement in performance amid challenging operating conditions emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Boakgomo-Ntakhwana, adding that the company recorded a double digit profit after tax of 16%, following a surge from P117-million in 2020 to P153-million in 2021.

Boakgomo-Ntakhwana said: “The strategy is underpinned by the digital transformation of our business to realise enhanced efficiencies, as well as to continue to maximise the utilisation of our technologies. We remain committed to transforming BTC into a digital services company, leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution to create maximum shareholder value.

“We see technology and digitisation as a vehicle to the provision of solutions to the nation’s challenges,” 

Anthony Masunga, BTC Managing Director said the past year has affirmed BTC is on the right strategic course of building a customer-centric culture, enabling 4.5G mobile and fibre networks to provide innovative and superior digital services to customers.

“This strategy will ensure that our fortunes will always be tied to the extent to which we contribute to society and facilitate economic activity.

“There are several strategic projects in the implementation phase which will enable the organisation to play a more meaningful role in the delivery of the national digitalisation agenda,” said Masunga.

He said one of the main focus areas will be automation of key processes throughout BTC operations in anticipation of increased adoption of innovative digital solutions by more businesses to sustain their performance.

“BTC has positioned itself to be the market leader in delivering digital solutions to its customers through its wide, high speed data connectivity network, cloud-based services, and superior customer service,” Masunga said.

Meanwhile BTC continues to dominate the fixed line business despite a continued reduction in the demand for fixed lines both globally and locally.

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