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Avast Business has officially released Web Control

Avast Business has officially released Web Control.
Avast Business has officially released Web Control.

In a significant stride towards enhanced cybersecurity, Avast Business has officially released Web Control for clients with Premium or Ultimate security. This innovative feature introduces browser-based content filtering, allowing users to wield greater control over their online experience.

Common Uses of Web Filtering: Web filtering has evolved into a pivotal component of modern cybersecurity strategies. Organizations commonly leverage web filtering to:

Block Malicious Websites: In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, blocking access to known phishing, malware distribution, or cyber threat hubs is paramount. Avast's Web Control adds an extra layer of defence by seamlessly preventing users from entering these dangerous online territories, reducing the risk of security breaches significantly.

Enforce Compliance: Maintaining a secure online environment often involves enforcing company policies. Avast's Web Control empowers organizations to ensure adherence to these policies by restricting access to inappropriate or non-compliant content. This feature is especially crucial for industries with strict regulatory requirements, such as finance or healthcare.

Optimize Bandwidth: Bandwidth-intensive websites can bog down network performance, affecting the user experience for everyone. Avast's Web Control comes to the rescue by limiting access to such websites, optimizing overall network performance and ensuring a smoother online experience for all users.

Protect Against Legal Liabilities: In today's litigious society, organizations must mitigate legal risks associated with online activities. Avast's Web Control contributes to this effort by preventing access to websites hosting illegal or inappropriate content, maintaining a safe and compliant online environment. This not only safeguards the organization but also helps in building a responsible digital presence.

Empowering Users with Avast Web Control: Web Control is not just a feature; it's a game-changer. Users can now seamlessly manage and monitor web content access, taking their cybersecurity measures to new heights. This release comes with a host of robust features and functionalities, providing organizations with a powerful tool to tailor their online environments according to their policies and needs.

Avast Web Control Key Features:

Explore the robust features and functionalities designed to elevate your online security to new heights. Web Control allows you to:

Filter Web Content: Tailor your online environment by blocking or allowing specific websites based on your organization's policies. This feature enables organizations to have granular control over what content employees can access, reducing the risk of exposure to potential threats.

Enhance Productivity: Time is money, and distractions can significantly impact productivity. Avast's Web Control helps mitigate distractions and boost productivity by allowing organizations to limit access to non-work-related websites during business hours. This ensures that employees stay focused on their tasks, ultimately contributing to overall efficiency.

Strengthen Security: network is only as strong as its weakest link. Avast's Web Control contributes to network security by blocking access to malicious or compromised websites. This proactive measure adds an extra layer of defence, safeguarding the network from potential threats and minimizing the risk of cybersecurity incidents.

Policy Customization: Avast Web Control goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. With its policy customization feature, organizations can tailor web access rules based on their unique needs. Whether it's creating specific policies for different departments or customizing access levels for individual users, this flexibility ensures that organizations can align their web control strategies with their specific requirements.

Reporting: Knowledge is power, especially in the realm of cybersecurity. Avast's Web Control provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, offering insights into web usage patterns, potential threats, and policy adherence. Detailed reports empower organizations to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Alerts: Real-time awareness is crucial when it comes to cybersecurity. Avast Web Control keeps organizations informed with timely alerts about potential security breaches, policy violations, or other noteworthy events. This proactive approach allows IT administrators to respond swiftly, mitigating risks before they escalate and ensuring a robust defence against evolving cyber threats.

What to Expect Next:

As Avast Business rolls out Web Control to all its clients, users can look forward to continuous updates, announcements, and further enhancements that will solidify their online defences. The commitment to evolving cybersecurity measures ensures that organizations using Avast products stay ahead of emerging threats.

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