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New partnership to lower internet costs in Uganda

Uganda , 24 Oct 2017

New partnership to lower internet costs in Uganda

Uganda Telecom (UTL) and West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC) have committed to an internet capacity partnership deal to broaden access to affordable higher data capacity and faster internet speed for users in Uganda.

UTL officials announced the agreement in Kampala and reiterated its part-ownership of WIOCC, along with 13 other African telcos. According to the agreement UTL will receive 7.5Gbps internet connectivity on competitive commercial terms.

Both UTL and WIOCC have described the agreement as a major short-term boost for internet capacity by ensuring that internet is accessible while UTL carries out further network capacity upgrades to meet an increase in demand.

"Working with WIOCC in this way gives UTL the ability to implement significant improvements in price, quality and quantity of internet in the country," said Otaremwa Otuhumurize, consultant at UTL.

Describing the current state of the ICT landscape in Uganda, Otuhumurize said the major current challenge is how to extend affordable connectivity to the people that require it.

"The partnership with WIOCC will greatly assist us in meeting this challenge, boosting our ability to deliver high-capacity mobile broadband via our microwave radio, copper and fibre-optic network infrastructure," he said.

James Wekesa, WIOCC's Chief Commercial Officer said WIOCC is supporting UTL in its transmission backhaul between Mombasa and Kampala.

"WIOCC also provides UTL with quick restoration options through alternative routes in case of any interruption in traffic on its fully-redundant connectivity. For UTL, this means being able to deliver reliable and affordable Internet to the whole of Uganda – for Government agencies, corporates, SMEs and homes – through both wireline – e.g. fibre and copper; and wireless technologies," Wekesa said.

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