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Dentsu Africa unveils adtech solution NightVision in SA

By , ITWeb
South Africa , 18 May 2023
Dawn Rowlands, CEO, Dentsu Africa.
Dawn Rowlands, CEO, Dentsu Africa.

Creative agency Dentsu Africa has launched a new adtech solution, NightVision, to fend off the impact of power cuts on the advertising industry.

The agency unveiled NightVision, saying the solution is designed and developed specifically to tap into loadshedding schedules and activate media exposures in real-time.

This, as the use of adtech, or advertising technology is growing globally with various trends transforming and reshaping the industry.

Adtech refers to a set of technologies used for managing advertisements across channels, including search, display, video, mobile and social.

GlobalData – a data and analytics company – forecasts that the adtech global market is set to grow from $438 billion in 2021 to $1 trillion in 2030.

Dentsu says the NightVision solution was developed ‘with insights into human behaviour, API integrations, and geo-fencing capabilities, making it possible to boost investment in areas where we know we can capture a more attentive audience digitally during loadshedding’.

According to Dentsu, the negative impact of loadshedding on businesses in South Africa is monumental, with an estimated loss of over $65 billion to the economy and advertising spend is also under scrutiny, because of the effect these power cuts have on delivering paid-for exposures across different channels.

The company says NightVision ensures that ‘every rand’ spent by clients still has the potential to create an impact on their consumer base.

“We can engage with lost TV audiences, who are in a highly attentive state during loadshedding,” says the company.

Dawn Rowlands, CEO, Dentsu Africa, comments: “We are excited to be launching NightVision into the South African market, and we are confident that it will provide significant benefits to clients, helping them navigate the challenges of loadshedding while delivering superior advertising performance.”

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