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Zambia reports massive investment in ICT sector

By , Zambia Contributor
29 Jan 2024
Felix Mutati, Zambia's science and technology minister.
Felix Mutati, Zambia's science and technology minister.

Zambia recently announced investments of US$58 million in technology sector for 2023.

Felix Mutati, the science and technology minister, announced the investment at an event honouring women in the information technology sector.

"We were able to raise $58 million investment in technology. That is higher than most of our neighbours," the minister stated.

"This shows that there is something that the tech people are doing right," Mutati said at the She in Tech Recognition Awards.

Mutati also confirmed the government's decision to take out 2G network towers this year.

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority enforces the policy.

"We will ensure that we no longer have towers with 2G capabilities. All towers will be upgraded," Mutati announced.

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