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Vodacom Tanzania partners DStv to advance its Super App ambitions

By , ITWeb
Tanzania , 18 Nov 2022

Vodacom Tanzania has announced a partnership with DStv Tanzania that will enable subscribers to access the digital television service via the MyDStv App within the M-Pesa app.

Vodacom’s aim is to establish M-Pesa as a Super App and ecosystem, similar to that of Google Play store or App Store, in which other apps can integrate and operate.

The operator has built a framework where partners can develop mini applications that are not only relevant but also cater to the day-to-day needs of customers, and in return, gain access to one of Tanzania’s largest consumer bases.

Noel Mazoya, M-Pesa Marketing Manager said, “This partnership is revolutionary to both M-Pesa and DStv customers because it offers them the convenience of seamlessly taking control of their DStv services through the M-Pesa App, especially now that we are heading into the World Cup season.”

DStv Head of Customer experience and Care, Davis Mihyo added: “This collaboration with Vodacom M-Pesa opens doors to a variety of advantages our customers. Now DStv customers can not only easily take control of their DStv subscription through the M-Pesa App, but they can also upgrade their packages, fix errors, and even enjoy live content.”

According to the companies, the partnership allows over 400 000 M-Pesa app users to enjoy premium content from DStv and take charge of their viewing all in one App.

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