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Top tips for contact and service centre agents

Customers today have higher expectations than ever before. They want companies to be responsive, transparent, and available 24/7. They expect a personalised experience. This can be challenging for businesses to provide, especially if they are not using the latest technology.

Retraining and upskilling of your agents has become essential here are tips and techniques for your agents.

Engage in active listening

Active listening is essential for effective communication. It allows for a better understanding of the customers’ needs and shows the agent’s willingness to help. Allow the customer to talk without interruption, reflect on their main question or concern, and ask clarifying questions if necessary.

Highlight understanding

Ensure that each customer is aware that you understand their needs. By using active listening techniques and asking relevant questions, customer service representatives can communicate that they understand the customers and are trying to help solve their problem.

Be courteous

Be polite and show respect for your customers. Always use “please” and “thank you” to create an inviting call centre environment and build positive customer relationships.

Call the customer by their name

Ask the customer their name and pronounce it correctly. This communicates respect for the customer and lets them know that they are important.

Go the extra mile

Demonstrate through actions that the customer is important by giving more than the minimum effort required. By taking the initiative to provide better service or give the customer something extra, customers will feel valued and appreciated.

Ask and do not demand

Statements can sound harsh. Asking appropriate questions makes the conversation more collaborative. Review all customer scripts to ensure the tone and message is correct.

Empower customers

Empower customers with concise and accurate information to assist them to make informed decisions. When there are options, thoroughly describe each available alternative. By offering choices, customers will be more involved in solving their problems. This results in a higher level of customer satisfaction.


Engage in initiative-taking steps to satisfy the customer’s needs. Being initiative-taking will also help to reduce barriers when problem-solving. Artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools like virtual agents and knowledge bases help call centre customer service agents to be initiative-taking and efficient by providing them automated suggestions on query solutions, upsell, cross-sell, and others.

Highlight pros and cons

When describing a product or service, include both its strengths and weaknesses relative to alternatives. By providing balanced recommendations, customers will view you as more credible. This increases trust and customer satisfaction.


Customers are not always familiar with your company’s policies or procedures. Thoroughly explain to customers what you are doing and why you are doing it. A clear understanding tends to decrease customer frustration.

Use plain language

Avoid technical terms, jargon, and acronyms. Be professional, concise, and clear.

Refer when necessary

When the customer’s needs are beyond your expertise or level of competency, refer them to a colleague, a supervisor or manager. Contextual hand over is essential to keep the customer experience consistent and avoid having the customer repeating themselves.

Keep the right distance

Be aware of your customer’s comfort zone and increase or decrease your distance accordingly. Adjust your behaviour when a customer shows that you are too close or too distant.

Summarise conversations

Summarise the main point of the conversation before engaging in the problem-solving process. This will demonstrate that you were listening attentively. It will also facilitate a mutual understanding between you and the customer.


Applying techniques will increase the professionalism and effectiveness of customer interactions. Moreover, these techniques will allow your business to give your best for each customer interaction. Adopting these tips and techniques can increase the quality of the level of customer service provided by the company and transform how employees interact with customers.

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