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Cryptocurrency rallies behind CANSA campaign

Cryptocurrency rallies behind CANSA campaign

The first ever Crypto Pink Friday will take place on 30 August 2019 as Safcoin cryptocurrency partners the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) to create awareness, specifically around the need for screening to test for breast and cervical cancer – the leading cause of cancer-related death in women.

Pink Friday will provide crypto traders and miners with the opportunity to trade and purchase Safcoin at half the price, with all proceeds being donated CANSA.

Safcoin seeks to tap into the benefits of crypto for Africa by developing use case technology "for individuals to enjoy the positives of cryptocurrencies with the utmost level of business ethics and standards."

Safcoin chief executive officer Neil Ferreira said, "Blockchain technology has the power to radically transform the way charities are created and regulated. We have entered the fourth industrial revolution where internet technology, crypto and blockchain have become powerful mediums to create awareness and raise funds in better ways than traditional methods. Crypto presents major opportunities for charities by making it easier to generate support funds and also increase their visibility in a wider, borderless network."

Ferreira adds that since globally, it is South Africans who have run a Google search on 'crypto', combining their project's objective "in support for a good cause is a wonderful way to create awareness and help those suffering from cancer to get all the support the deserve by aiding in their fund raising process."

Global peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace, Paxful has confirmed its support of women's month and its commitment to highlight the important role women play in the innovative blockchain technology and cryptocurrency sector.

Paxful announced it plans to expand to South Africa with a focus on developing and recruiting female talent – specifically given the low representation of women in the broader crypto-economy which the World Economic Forum puts at an estimated between 1% - 5% globally.

Paxful chief executive officer Ray Youssef thinks women are critical to the future of the crypto-economy.

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