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Centili Launches One-Tap Mobile Billing On Vodacom

Centili Launches One-Tap Mobile Billing On Vodacom

Carrier biller Centili has launched one-click WAP payments flow on Vodacom in South Africa, opening up monetisation and purchase opportunities in the growing digital and online goods segment for more than 35 million of Vodacom's subscribers.

The solution allows end users to easily buy online and digital items from mobile web browsers. By simply tapping the payment page's "Accept" button, they can choose to charge the purchase to their mobile phone bill. This way online vendors get possibility to customise payment page, and match it to their mobile website's look and feel.

As a result, merchants can count on higher conversion rates and less interrupted transactions, as the number of steps required to complete the purchase is reduced.

Centili direct carrier billing service has been available in South Africa for some time now on Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom networks. With the most recent introduction of one-click 3G/4G mobile internet billing, Centili continues to build superb payments experiences and flows across platforms and devices.

With mobile internet billing (WAP payments flow), users' effort comes down to a single action – confirming the payment. The flow is available for both one-time and recurring payments, i.e.subscriptions. As a convenient way to sign up for a service, subscriptions are gaining popularity in some countries.

According to the Cisco's research, by 2019 primary means of connecting and browsing the internet in South Africa will be smartphones, commanding 30% (57.5 million) of all networked devices, up from 22% last year.

Centili is working closely with the world's leading mobile operator groups to build seamless, high-converting payments options.

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