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Cresta Hotels introduce digital locks in Botswana

Cresta Hotels introduce digital locks in Botswana.
Cresta Hotels introduce digital locks in Botswana.

Cresta Marakanelo in Botswana is hastening digital transformation across its hotels, installing digital locks to tighten security.

The digital locks will replace the card system in all Cresta facilities, and the hotel group says the move will make it easier-to-secure rooms and make guests feel safe.

With digital locks, guests can check in and out using their mobile devices.

Cresta's move comes as the adoption of digital key technologies is increasing, and several major hotel brands have deployed similar systems in their properties.

“At the end of 2022, we had begun the deployment of the digital locks at Cresta Thapama, which will enable guests to open their rooms using apps, reducing the impact on the environment by avoiding continued printing of cards,” said Mokwena Morulane, Cresta Managing Director.

With eleven properties dotted around Botswana, Cresta Thapama in Francistown is being used to pilot the project.

Morulane said: “This will be rolled out across all hotels in 2023 and 2024. We are steadily progressing towards paperless offerings in our restaurants and hotels, which will be kinder to the environment.”

In addition, he said the company is also deploying a new and improved hotel management system that enables data analysis to understand guest trends, patterns and preferences.

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