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MediaTile Cellular Digital Signage launches in Kenya

MediaTile Cellular Digital Signage launches in Kenya

Tactile Technologies announced today the availability of a new digital communications medium, called MediaTile Cellular Digital Signage, for the Kenyan marketplace, which is expected to transform the local advertising industry.

The new modern marketing medium, which uses cellular-based transmission, enables TV-like displays to be deployed virtually anywhere, and receive and play digital advertisements that are controlled through a secure Web site.

Infinity Media Kenya, in conjunction with Tactile Technologies and The MediaTile Company in the US, have unveiled the new advertising solution. Infinity Media Kenya has infused a significant initial investment.

MediaTile Cellular Digital Signage is a form of out-of-home (OOH) advertising where content and messages displayed on an electronic screen, or digital sign, can be altered without modifying the physical sign.

Speaking during the launch, Infinity Media Kenya Chief Operating Officer, Rose Maghas, noted that the MediaTile Cellular Digital Signage system is a breakthrough for businesses facing difficulties in deploying and operating a digital signage network, as it removes many of the costs and complexities traditionally associated with IP-based communication networks.

"MediaTile presents enormous benefits to advertisers and institutions. Apart from using this new technology to advertise products and services, institutions can also utilise this channel for entertainment, staff training and corporate and social responsibility programmes. This new technology is easy to install, connect to and update, as it requires no technical expertise, computer configuration or network setup to deploy," continued Maghas.

MediaTile Cellular Digital Signage will eliminate the information technology burden of owning, installing and operating digital signs using Ethernet and satellite networking technologies or traditional hardware, like VHS, VCD and DVD players.

"The difference between the MediaTile technology and what is currently in the market is that businesses in Kenya and surrounding countries can now penetrate the market twice as fast. The new technology enables institutions to deploy an advertising, promotional and/or educational network without any on-site IT infrastructure, management or support," said Maghas.

"The new technology has also introduced a new form of advertising known as Narrowcasting. Companies will now be in a position to deliver specific information to specific audiences at specific locations through Narrowcasting," said Maghas.

"We are extremely excited to be partnering with Infinity Media Kenya and bringing this breakthrough digital communications medium to Eastern Africa," said Keith Kelsen, Chairman and CEO of The MediaTile Company. "With MediaTile's Cellular Digital Signage, target consumers as well as employees can now be fully engaged and participate with the advertiser, and experience messages and promotions that are more relevant to them," said Kelsen.

Tactile Technologies CEO, Mauro Mercuri, also noted that MediaTile is becoming the benchmark in the industry worldwide, thanks to its unique way of content management and delivery. "Advertisers, brands and retailers should expect user-friendly and world-class service delivery," said Mercuri.

On his part, Permanent Secretary - Ministry of Information and Communication, Dr Bitange Ndemo, lauded Infinity Media Kenya for introducing the new development in Kenya, and termed it as timely. "This new technology could not have come at a better time. As we enter the digital age, the MediaTile Cellular Digital Signage will certainly encourage our efforts of attaining an efficient IT system, as well as boost the Governments Vision 2030 initiative," said Ndemo.

Infinity Media Kenya will use a secure Web-based broadcast portal to control the MediaTile networks. In-house developed screens, with built-in cellular broadband network access, known as MediaTiles, will range from 10-inch up to 47-inch. Larger screens are in development and custom development is also available. Multimedia messages will be transmitted through the existing Global System for Mobile communication and Code Division Multiple Access technologies.

Note for editors:
A narrowcast is the transmission of data to a specific list of recipients. Cable television is an example of narrowcasting, since the cable TV signals are sent only to homes that have subscribed to the cable service. In contrast, terrestrial TV uses a broadcast model in which the signals are transmitted everywhere, and anyone with an antenna can receive them.
Narrowcasting is particularly useful as a commercial advertising tool. Pre-recorded television programmes are often broadcast to captive audiences in taxi cabs, buses, elevators and queues (such as at branches of the Post Office in the United Kingdom). The theory being that, by identifying particular demographics viewing such programmes, advertisers can better target their markets. (ref. Wikipedia)

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