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New from First Distribution: GoFirst Cloud Services

Over the past year First Distribution identified opportunities missed due to partners having the following challenges: Being unsure, scared, and unable.

Where do you play and how can we help you BE MORE?

Over the past year First Distribution identified opportunities missed due to partners having the following challenges: Being unsure, scared, and unable.

Many of our partners have great pre-sales and sales capability but do not necessarily have the skill, resources or competencies associated with customer expectations and therefore hesitate to take full advantage of enabling customers across the wide range of cloud offerings Microsoft brings.

First Distribution's key strategic objective for CSP is to enable our partners to be more and sell more and become Super Service Providers. Not only does our differentiation include facilitating co-marketing with our partners to drive awareness and lead generation but now go as far as enabling PROFESSIONAL SERVICES through GoFirst Cloud Services.

This gives partners that do not have the ability to deliver deployment, management and support services to their customers, an opportunity to still bring the Microsoft Cloud to these customers and to be their trusted advisors.

The Discover Value tool provides an opportunity to help determine if Microsoft 365 would meet the needs of your business. This tool takes you through a brief assessment of process improvement opportunities tied to your business objectives and identifies Microsoft 365 capabilities that meet your needs. At the end of this process you will receive:

Discover Value Report: a personalized solution tailored to address your business challenges, priorities and offer recommendations that will maximize value for your business.

Forrester Report: the potential return on your investment for your industry segment.

Engagement Opportunity: visit the Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience portal for a hands on exploration of the Microsoft 365 solution


GoFirst Cloud Services enables consultation, scoping & design, setup, deployment, migration, management and support services at a predetermined rate which partners can offer to their customers.


GoFirst Cloud Services can be utilised for different predetermined Office 365, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility and Azure scenarios with clear in-scope and out-of-scope differentiation options.

It really depends on the customer requirements.


GoFirst Cloud Services are delivered as a remote deployment services across the CSP subscription based products: Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security.

More goes into the typical Dynamics 365 and Azure products and therefore would typically require scoping and design, integration and alternative pre-work prior to solution implementation. These services would typically first need to be scoped before quotations would be provided. As a value add First Distribution would offer these consultation services free of charge.

GoFirst Cloud Services are enabled remotely across South Africa & West/East and Central Africa including IOI, Nigeria and SADC.


1. The GoFirst Cloud Services catalogue (SOW) will be provided to partners who wish to register and take part in this program.

2. Consultation Services on Azure and Dynamics 365 can be initiated on request to:

3. Subscription-based orders for licensing including GoFirst Cloud Services can be send to:

-The GoFirst Cloud Services pre-installation document will be required with all the relevant customer details.
-Customers will be contacted within 24 hours to step an appointment, planning and delivering of the GoFirst Cloud Service.
-A high-level project plan with timelines will be provided to the customer.
-The customer will be required to sign a project completion certificate.

Support will be provided by First Distribution:
0861 00 99 88

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