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12 African tech ventures seek UK investment

By , ITWeb
Africa , 20 Jun 2023
Andrew Maren, founder and CEO, ProfitShare Partners.
Andrew Maren, founder and CEO, ProfitShare Partners.

On Friday, 12 tech ventures from Africa will showcase investment opportunities to investors, corporates and industry experts at the Africa Tech Summit London, held at the London Stock Exchange.

Ventures from Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Egypt, and Zambia will seek to raise between $ 1 million to $ 15 million to expand and drive offerings across the continent.

South African fintech, ProfitShare Partners, is one of the ventures and its founder is looking forward to the event.

Andrew Maren, founder and CEO, ProfitShare Partners says the summit gives an opportunity to showcase the talent and unique solutions that African entrepreneurs bring to the global tech stage.

“It shows the different ways to solve problems with technology that not only has African, but global application,” he says.

“By participating in initiatives such as The Africa Tech Summit, we can highlight how we solve problems uniquely in a relatively untapped market. Investors in African tech are likely to get better value and better exponential growth as the sector continues to solve real problems and prove it is not a fad or trend,” Maren adds.

Andrew Fassnidge, MD, Africa Tech Summit, says these ventures will connect with potential investors and corporates and gain insights from industry experts at the seventh edition of Africa Tech Summit London, where the organisers will be welcoming 300 delegates, “to drive business and investment forward between Africa and Europe”.

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