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Deal to launch drones and bolster Kenya’s agriculture

Kenya , 26 Aug 2022

Kenya Airways’ subsidiary, Fahari Aviation is set to deploy an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in the agricultural sector, representing the first mass drone technology deployment in the East African country.

This follows a deal signed between Kenya Airways and Kipkebe Ltd, a subsidiary of agro-processor Sasini PLC, will see the drones being used to distribute chemicals and fertilizers over tea farms.

Fahari Aviation will deploy the high-capacity drones to cover over 3000 acres of tea plantation in less than two weeks, saving 50% in cost and time efficiency.

The company stated: “Drone technology in agriculture also offers better accountability of product supply as well as improved accessibility of tough terrains.”

Hawkins Musili, General Manager at Fahari Aviation said,” Agriculture forms the backbone of our economy and drones have revolutionised agriculture by offering farmers major cost savings, and enhanced efficiency within the region..”

Silas Njibwakale, Managing Director at Kipkebe Limited, said, “This technology will definitely reduce the time span for fertilizer application on the tea fields ensuring that application coincides with good weather conditions, enhance crop yields while reducing attendant costs, as well as adverse impacts on human and the environment.”

In 2020 the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) released regulations to govern drones, including the comprehensive registration of the owner and the particular drone. 

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