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Opera offers 1.5GB monthly to Safaricom users in Ethiopia

By , ITWeb
Ethiopia , 06 Sep 2023
Jørgen Arnesen, executive vice-president of mobile browsers at Opera.
Jørgen Arnesen, executive vice-president of mobile browsers at Opera.

Norwegian-based web company Opera is launching its free data campaign in Ethiopia, in partnership with Safaricom.

The campaign will enable Opera users to access up to 50 MB of free browsingdaily, when using Opera Mini or Opera for Android on the Safaricom network. The deal excludes video streaming and file downloads.

Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera, comments: “Ethiopia is a large and growing country in which we see a great deal of potential.

“But at this point, the internet penetration rate is only around 16.7% nationwide. So, we’re excited to join forces with long-time partner Safaricom to help expand Ethiopia’s digital economy.”

Opera originally launched free data campaigns across Africa in 2017 and is now extending the programme to new markets.

The company says it has invested significantly – over $100 million to date – in the Africa region to bring more people online and offer them most reliable internet connection possible.

It has already facilitated for nearly 40 million people across five countries to benefit from up to 3 GB of free browsing each month, it adds.

It says: “This initiative has helped users establish businesses, connect with loved ones, and embark on educational journeys, all with greater ease and affordability. In Kenya alone, Opera has invested over $12 million in free data campaigns over the past three years.”

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