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Paratus scouts for more sponsors as it plans major e-learning rollout in Africa

By , ITWeb
Africa , Zambia , Namibia , 21 Nov 2022

Paratus Zambia has partnered Interactive Audio Visual Solutions to connect schools and make available online learning material.

The network infrastructure and services company is looking to attract joint sponsors to replicate the Paratus Group’s success in Namibia and make it a reality in Zambia, particularly the success Namibian NGO EduVision achieved through its online e-learning programme.

The Paratus Group provided satellite equipment and infrastructure, technical support, consulting, and capital towards this rollout. This is provided to the NGO and academic institution at no charge.

According to Paratus, since 2018, it has assisted EduVision to connect numerous schools and over 10,000 learners directly. The Paratus Group in Namibia already pledged- and is busy installing a total of 50 satellite connections as EduVision signs up more rural schools.

At this stage it isn’t clear how many schools in Zambia are expected to be connected. Executives from Paratus say they are still busy “testing the waters” and there are more solid plans to follow.

“Without a stable and secure internet connection, this type of e-learning is simply not possible”, explains Barney Harmse, Executive Chairman of the Paratus Group. “Providing connectivity to schools in under-served areas is an important part of the Paratus promise to transform Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and customer service.”

Helping to advance education through connectivity is one of the Paratus Group’s key focus areas under its Paratus Social Investments initiative (PSI).

As an example, when Paratus has approval from municipalities to install fibre networks in Namibia, the company automatically lays fibre to any schools en route at their own cost, so that these schools and areas may take advantage of the Paratus high-quality connection infrastructure.

Harmse adds: “E-Learning is a beacon of educational light because it is providing online teaching not only to students but also gives the most technologically effective and efficient teaching tools and skills to schools, no matter how remote they are. We hope we can bring this to bear in Zambia.”

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