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Tactile drops touch pricing 35% to push kiosk market

Tactile drops touch pricing 35% to push kiosk market

Tactile Technologies is dropping its pricing on its Elo 1745C 17-inch Rear-Mount Touch CRT by up to 35%.

"The kiosk market is rapidly growing in southern Africa. We have rolled out hundreds of kiosk touch monitors this year, the finished products are mainly used in point of info-, point of sale-, tourism- and car showroom-related projects," says Tactile managing director Mauro Mercuri.

"We want to get the word out that Tactile offers real tailor-made solutions for those out there that are developing non-desktop touch kiosks. We encounter plenty of companies that are still buying desktop touch monitors. This offers many hurdles to overcome: the monitor has to be stripped, an industrial enclosure has to be built for safety reasons, mounting brackets have to be developed, proper sealing is an issue... A lot of time and money is wasted.

"After the product is finished, one faces a re-design as soon as the desktop touch monitor is obsoleted and replaced by a new model, which could be as soon as within six months after installation. Let`s not address the issue of spare parts."

Tactile`s Elo 1745C 17-inch Rear-Mount CRT is developed from scratch by Elo. It is equipped with our Surface Wave Technology which offers an extremely high light transmission and a scratch-resistant surface. It is ideal for what we call public-based applications. The unit comes with an industrial housing, it has a flat front-bezel to fit the enclosure, the housing is ventilated and the OSD buttons are positioned at the bottom for easy access. It is a very robust solution.

We totally own the manufacturing process and can therefore guarantee a much longer product lifecycle.

Tactile launches its own stimulant to the local kiosk market by dropping its pricing on the Elo 1745C by 35%. Pricing valid until stock has been sold.

"We have allocated +100 pcs for this initiative and are now able to offer the Elo 1745C to our dealers at R3 400/pc to R3 200/pc excl VAT depending on quantity," says Mercuri. "Compared to what costs one looks at when buying and modifying desktop touch monitors, this is a very interesting offer for all companies out there that are in the process of development or are looking at upgrading existing kiosks."

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