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Axiz uses Mauritius as expansion springboard into Africa

By , Africa editor
Mauritius , 22 May 2024
Axiz CEO Craig Brunsden.
Axiz CEO Craig Brunsden.

Axiz, a technology distributor, is increasingly using Mauritius as a base for accelerating its expansion into the rest of Africa.

According to the company, the island matched all of Axiz' criteria for a strong foundation on the continent, due to its substantial domestic market, strong financial structure, and political stability.

Speaking to ITWeb Africa ahead of its IT Summit, which begins tomorrow, Axiz CEO Craig Brunsden said: “For us, at a group level, Mauritius is not just a market, it’s also increasingly becoming the headquarters for our business efforts across the continent.

“With the Mauritian market, if we look at IT adoption and readiness of the market to accept what we sell – IT infrastructure, edge computing, software – they would be right up there. I would argue at the same level as South Africa.”

Dhiren Bisnathsing, Mauritius country manager, Axiz, added: “We have grown a bigger team; we have a team of 16 people on the ground; the market right now is very active.

“It’s a mature market when it comes to IT compared to other countries across Africa. Adoption level around cloud and security is far more advanced.

“We’re seeing the shift to cloud; cloud adoption is increasing, and, the reseller community is also involved to meet the demands of the local market.”

Security is also a big concern, added Bisnathsing:“We are getting more and more queries and requests around security. That's why we put together this summit, which is going to focus on this.”

Beginning tomorrow, Axiz’ IT Summit, run in cooperation with the Mauritius Institute of Directors, will focus on the evolving technology landscape in Mauritius and around Africa.

Over 500 industry leaders, technologists, and policymakers are expected to attend the summit, with discussions on sustainable technology, which will focus on eco-friendly solutions, as well as cloud computing.

Big data and AI will also be on the agenda as leaders discuss the influence of the technologies on corporate operations and policymaking in Africa.

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