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Tactile Technologies partners with CITAQ

Tactile Technologies partners with CITAQ

Tactile Technologies, an expert in professional touch screen technology, today announced that it has become a CITAQ partner and its South African distributor.

"We have established this relationship with CITAQ as they not only offer low cost mini POS solutions but have become a pioneer of Android POS systems, a trend that is becoming more and more popular also in SA," commented Mauro Mercuri, Group Director of Tactile Technologies. "In addition, the small footprint of their products is very welcome in today's retail environment where space has become more and more expensive."

"From a product point of view, the first products we will be introducing are the ‘V8' and ‘H10' Mini POS units," continued Mercuri. "These are the vertical screen 8" and horizontal screen 10" All-In-Ones products that come with a built-in 80mm thermal printer. They are of high quality, look great and are ergonomically very easy to use."

"Although CITAQ are not yet a well-known brand in SA, they have many reputable distributors and partners across the world," concluded Mercuri. "We have been working with CITAQ for about a year and have thoroughly tested their products and have live ‘POCs' in the field. We are pleased to have CITAQ's support and are confident these new products will do very well in the local market."

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