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Fortinet to push 'security without compromise' at IDC Summit

By , ITWeb
Africa , 16 Feb 2016

Fortinet to push 'security without compromise' at IDC Summit

Network security services and solutions firm Fortinet has confirmed its participation in the IDC CIO Summit 2016 taking place this week in Abu Dhabi and its intention to raise the subject of security without compromise.

"There are about 3.2-billion internet users, 1.3-billion active smartphone users, and some 3-billion new devices that will make their way to the market by 2020, and this will result in a dramatic increase in cyber threats. Standard approaches to security are no longer effective, and businesses need to look beyond complexity, compliance and best-of-breed solutions," said Nader Baghdadi, Regional Enterprise Director –South Gulf & Pakistan at Fortinet.

Baghdadi will form part of a panel discussion and plans to discuss the changing nature of networks, and the subsequent increase in potential attack vectors, as well as key considerations for business in the deployment of security strategies.

He says that over the years security solution providers have evolved from security software with networking features in the background or networking with security attached, either of which could work – but is not ideal.

"What was the boundary of networks yesterday no longer exists today. The solution starts with changing the way that organisations looks at security. Security must be comprehensive, and intelligent, with zero trade-offs in network performance. Legacy security approaches have gotten too complex and network traffic has become unmanageable, resulting in too many alerts, and not enough clarity on what is important," added Baghdadi.

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