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Telecom Egypt introduces subsea cable switching platform

By , Africa editor
Egypt , 27 Sep 2023
Mohamed Nasr, managing director and CEO, Telecom Egypt.
Mohamed Nasr, managing director and CEO, Telecom Egypt.

Telecom Egypt has introduced its new WeConnect environment, which allow customers to select cross connectivity at the click of a button.

WeConnect's open and neutral concept allows customer to mix and match connectivity between subsea cable systems in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

WeConnect's digital platform, according to the telecoms provider, allows customer to click-to-order cross-connectivity between the 14 undersea cable systems landing in Egypt's 10 cable stations, which are linked via the country's 10 terrestrial routes.

Mohamed Nasr, managing director and CEO, Telecom Egypt, commented: “We have a clear vision that WeConnect will accelerate and support the deployment of our customers’ digital infrastructure. It will further enhance how our global partners choose to cross-connect their capacity over various subsea systems.”

Furthermore, according to the company, Telecom Egypt's partners can easily log into the platform and route their traffic across different systems, allowing them to scale-up wherever they see an opportunity while maintaining complete control over their subsea infrastructure.

Seif Mounib, vice president, International and Wholesale, Telecom Egypt, commented: “All our investments focus on accelerating how our partners connect and grow their global network reach. We firmly believe in exploring new ways to optimise how our partners maximise their investment returns and expand their footprint around the world.”

According to the firm, Telecom Egypt has made key investments in 15 subsea cable systems throughout the world, with more than five cable systems set to go live soon.

It went on to say that Egypt's coastlines, which run 1,951 kilometres along the Red Sea and 995 kms along the Mediterranean Sea, enable Telecom Egypt to provide diversity and stability in cable landing places.

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