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Algérie Telecom Satellite to launch internet, telephony and VOD service

Algeria , 12 Mar 2018

Algérie Telecom Satellite to launch internet, telephony and VOD service

Algérie Telecom Satellite (ATS), a subsidiary of Algérie Telecom, plans to introduce a triple play service to provide customers with internet, telephone and video-on-demand (VOD) via satellite.

ATS looks to offer a pack that includes a digital demodulator loaded with TV channels, high speed internet, telephony and VOD.

The package will be delivered in partnership with two public companies, the National Enterprise of Electronic Industries (ENIE) and the Algerian Industry of Telephony (INATEL). ATS is considering local production of the packs in order to reduce cost.

ATS President and CEO, Mohamed Anouar Benabdelouahad, said his company is talking to ENIE and INATEL for the production of the turnkey that would include an antenna, a modem and a satellite receiver.

"This project aims to provide a service dedicated to individuals through the recently launched Algerian telecommunications satellite, Alcomsat-1. The acquisition of a pack of ATS allows the consumer to have only one antenna with added value," he said.

The President added that the residential KA band capacity will cover areas not served or poorly served by terrestrial telephone and internet networks. When demand outweighs capacity, ATS said it will link up with other satellites to satisfy its customers until Algeria launches a second telecoms satellite.

This move is an attempt by ATS to leverage Algeria's national satellite, the Alcomsat-1, to boost its revenues. ATS currently provides VSAT, geolocation and maritime telecommunications services.

In 2017, it recorded a turnover of 6,007 billion dinars (US$52,861,600), against 3,378 billion (US$29,726,400) in 2016. The company posted a net profit of 1,002 billion dinars (US$ 8,817,600).

"2017 was the best business year for ATS since its creation in 2006," said Benabdelouahad.

For 2018, ATS has targeted surpassing 7 billion dinars (US$61,600,000) in turnover and is aiming to achieve this by adding the triple play offering.

Alcomsat-1 allows for broadcast of 20 Mb/s-broadband internet on the KA band that covers the entire Algerian territory; it can also reach other African countries via the Ku Band.

The Alcomsat-1 satellite which is scheduled to be operational six months after its launch on December 10 is for telecommunications, television broadcasting and internet purposes. It has 33 transponders of which 9 are dedicated to the broadcasting of television channels and digital radios.

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