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FTTH Council Africa Board Announcement

The FTTH Council Africa has announced that members that attended its annual general membership meeting held on 26th April 2016 voted for new Board Members.

The FTTH Council Africa announced that at their annual general membership meeting held on 26th April 2016, attending members had the opportunity to vote for new Board Members.

Richard Came, President of the organisation said: "We were very pleased with the amount of nominees that we received, and we are equally delighted with the elected candidates. They bring a broad scope of skill to the board. Their leadership is critical under current market conditions and we look forward to their inputs."

The individuals that were voted in are:
Mr Michael Silber – Chief Commercial and Legal Officer: Liquid Telecomm
Ms Louisa van Beek – Managing Executive: FTTX at Vodacom
Mr Johan van Dalen – Executive: FTTH and NGN at Telkom
Mr Bora Varliyagci – Head: Digital Infrastructure Practice for Africa at Mott MacDonald

"These professionals give generously of their time, talent and resources to serve the industry. FTTH is a new industry and with that comes several challenges… as a board part of our role is to ensure that we build sustainable markets, foresee problems and find timely solutions." Came concluded.

The FTTH Council Africa is an independent, not for profit organisation and active member of the Fibre Council Global Alliance (FCGA) alongside the FTTH Council Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East and North Africa.

The work of the individual FTTH Council's is funded through member contributions, and the FCGA has more than 550 individual member companies, all equally passionate about FTTH. The FTTH Council Africa believes that the development and deployment of fibre based broadband access networks will enhance the quality of life for citizens in South Africa and Africa as a whole, providing African countries with an infrastructure which will increase their effectiveness and competitiveness within the global marketplace.


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