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African TV audience world cup semi-final stats revealed

By , IT in government editor
Nigeria , 11 Jul 2014

African TV audience world cup semi-final stats revealed

More than 22 million football fans in Africa tuned in television screens to watch the FIFA world cup semi-final game between Germany and Brazil, according to GeoPoll statistics.

Using its ‘Audience Measurement Service' GeoPoll was able to determine the amount of viewers that tuned into the game, which took place on Tuesday.

Last month GeoPoll launched the first daily service to measure television audiences in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

GeoPoll is a US-based real-time mobile survey service.

The stats for the semi-final game on Tuesday show that Nigeria was the country with the highest number of viewers that tuned in to watch the game, with 12,037 000 followed by East African nation Kenya with 3,725 000 viewers.

Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda each had 3,331 000, 2,435 000, and 927,000 viewership respectively.

Tuesday's match saw Germany stun Brazil with a 7-1 defeat.

Meanwhile, the total viewership number of Wednesday's semi-final game between Argentina and the Netherlands was just over the 18 million mark, GeoPoll revealed.

Again West African nation Nigeria had the most viewers for that match with a total of 10,501000 followed by Tanzania with 2,621 000.

Ghana, Kenya and Uganda recorded 2,525 000, 2,016 000 and 956,000 respectively.

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