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Tactile Technologies' forward strategy reflects the recent 'ZAR devaluation'

Tactile Technologies has been working on adding lower cost products in anticipation of devaluation of the SA Rand.

Over the last few years Tactile Technologies has been working on adding lower cost products to its offerings as it anticipated a gradual devaluation of the SA Rand. It has identified the right manufacturers, evaluated many samples, deployed several ‘Proof of Concepts' and eventually signed distribution/manufacturing agreements.

"This strategy has placed us in a very strong position to ensure our products for 2016 will be ‘ZAR-proof" as far as that is possible," commented Mauro Mercuri, Group Director of Tactile Technologies. "The new products we added in 2015 will be complemented by a raft of new ones this year including lower cost desktop touch monitors; low cost Auto ID equipment including scanners and hand held terminals via our sister company Newland ID; low cost large format touch screen monitors; and, new smaller POS-units (10") including tablets running both Windows and Android software."

"A lot of hard work has gone into arriving at our current position," continued Mercuri, "and obviously, adding more manufactures puts more pressure on our people and resources."

"However, we have invested in a large number of new people over the past year, so that we are fully geared up for 2016 and beyond. Being a private company we can be flexible and take and implement decisions much faster than our competitors," concluded Mercuri. "In a nutshell, we are well prepared for the future as we've been planning and investing for the scenario that is now unfolding!"

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