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Tactile Technologies recommends Ergotron

Tactile Technologies recommends Ergotron

Tactile Technologies, the official and sole distributor of Elo Touch Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, today announced that it recommends Ergotron, a global manufacturer of leading digital display mounting, furniture, and mobility products, as its preferred integrator for the display devices and other hardware that it sources and provides.

"Ergotron products are relevant to many applications and deployments of ours and can be found in almost any market in which we are active," commented Mauro Mercuri, Group Director of Tactile Technologies. "In their industry Ergotron has about the same status as Elo Touch Solutions has in ours, in that their products are ‘top of the range', are of high quality, provide great capabilities and facilities, incorporate the most advanced ergonomic technology available, and, have won numerous awards over the past months."

"In particular, it's the quality of the Ergotron products that we have found outstanding and significantly differentiates them from their competitors. The failure rates have been extremely low and in the handful of cases we have experienced, there has been no issue with providing an immediate replacement," added Hilton Cock, Business Development Manager at TechExpress. "From our experience and those of our clients, there is no doubt that the Ergotron products offer real value for money and a positive ROI for any organisation."

"Ergotron is represented in Sub-Saharan Africa via TechExpress, their sole distributor, whom we also recommend as a company that offers great support to us and our partners," concluded Mercuri. "We firmly believe that Elo Touch Solutions integrated with the products from Ergotron offer an unbeatable combination."

For further information, please contact Mauro Mercuri on and/or Hilton Cock on

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