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New analytics platform launched to ease Kenya's traffic burden

Kenya , 08 Mar 2019

New analytics platform launched to ease Kenya's traffic burden

Data Integrated Limited has launched Epesi Trip Planner to provide fleet managers with a dashboard view of how many busses are on the road at any given time, their respective capacities - as well as digital payment information.

The company also plans to launch a user app, but has not provided more information as yet.

City Shuttle Bus company has piloted Epesi Trip Planner and confirmed the system will be integrated into its fleet of over 300 vehicles operating in Kenya.

CEO Martin Karuga said the platform has resulted in up to 40% improvement in revenue, with over Kshs 5-billion processed from bus companies that were piloting the systems.

"You didn't know at what point money is collected (previously). But now you have a system where you can see when the cash is coming in and helps you schedule buses around that," Karuga said. "We now know when the bus in on the road, the peak hours and traffic situations."

Mary Mwangi, CEO of Data Integrated said the system will benefit city planners by providing data on the movement of commuters and buses.

"The bus rapid transport system by the government will not work if there is no automated transport system to manage the buses," she said.

Over twelve transport companies have already signed on with the company.

Nairobi car parks

Australian start-up, Kerb, has launched a mobile phone application in Nairobi designed to improve management of car parks.

Marketed as 'Airbnb for parking', Kerb aims to assist with renting unused parking spaces to drivers.

Drives can download the consumer app and state where they would like to park their cars. They can then view options, choose and pay for the space.

A statement issued by Kerb reads: "Every time you get into your car or onto your motorbike to go to work, you are freeing up a parking space which could potentially be used by someone else. And when you arrive at your destination, and start looking for parking, you could just as easily park in a private parking space belonging to an individual, a small business or store, or even a hotel or church."

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