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Adaptive learning trend under the spotlight at eLearning Indaba

By , ITWeb
Africa , 16 Jul 2021

The annual eLearning Indaba, hosted by learning software and services company New Leaf Technologies, will be free to access on Zoom on 30 July 2021.

Organisers have announced that the event will focus on resources, latest trends and best-practice methods in the eLearning space.

The virtual conference will take the form of ‘power hour’ online sessions, with a strong focus on the concept of adaptive learning – or learning that adapts to a learner’s needs.

Hosted by New Leaf Technologies managing director Michael Hanly, the event will enable participants to get to grips with the potential of adaptive learning, learn more about training intelligence and analytics systems for learning management systems (LMS).

Speakers lined up Thijs van Zundert, partner manager at cloud-based LMS platform developer aNewSpring, Vado (Minnesota, USA) chief executive Cindy Pascale, and aNewSpring learning innovation leader Ger Driesen.

Organisers say adaptive learning in the online space has become crucial, particularly in light of lockdowns brought on by COVID-19.

They add that eLearning had already changed the face of training from traditional in-person sessions to web-based, mobile learning instruction, but the arrival of the Coronavirus at the start of 2020 expedited the process faster than anyone could have imagined.

Despite the rapid pace of this transition, trainers, thanks to technologies now available, were able to incorporate adaptive learning into their modules and learning sessions.

In this way, facilitators were able to quickly move away from the tired “one-size-fits-all” approach to focus on learners’ individual needs, resulting in greater learning and retention, less time in training, and ultimately, happier employees, the organisers suggest.

All registrants to this conference, session 3 of the 2021 eLearning Indaba, will be invited to join the eLearning Indaba Journey with access to previous session recordings and sessions provided. They will also gain automatic access to all other events in the series.

Capacity is limited to 500 attendees with some space left for those interested in attending.

Click here to register.

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