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BotswanaPost cancels contract with Cloudseed

BotswanaPost cancels contract with Cloudseed

South African connectivity and cloud solution company Cloudseed's partnership with BotswanaPost to provide internet connectivity across Botswana has failed to meet targets according to local media reports.

The partnership which was launched in 2013, was expected to address a growing market need for internet in Botswana through wireless network, wired network and public and corporate hotspots, available via terrestrial and satellite connection.

According to reports published by Botswana Guardian, Cloudseed's relationship with BotswanaPost came under pressure after Poso Cloud, a partnership to offer internet services, failed to make a mark in the market.

Media reports also indicate that BotswanaPost has approached Botswana Fiber Networks (BoFiNet) for a new deal, already at the proof of concept stage. BoFiNet is a wholesale provider of national and international telecommunications infrastructure which has now been identified as the new internet wholesale provider for BotswanaPost.

Lebogang Bok, BotswanaPost Head of Marketing has confirmed that PosoCloud has not been doing well in the market.

"We are currently reviewing the product positioning in terms of packaging, pricing and partnership," said Bok, adding that the parastatal will provide an update at the end of the review.

"However, the ever fast paced markets trends, especially anything ICT related necessitates a rethink if we are to meet public expectations," said Bok.

PosoCloud's was intended to provide end to end solutions for consumers and help BotswanaPost achieve its endeavour to leverage technology and diversify the post office's revenue streams. BotswanaPost has leveraged technology through strategic partnerships that include increasing its use of ICT.

The ICT supported business solutions are also expected to spur the state owned company's objective to be a 500 million pula profit company by 2016.

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