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Nigeria: NCC vows transparency in licensing broadband

Nigeria , 15 Mar 2016

Nigeria: NCC vows transparency in licensing broadband

Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has confirmed the country has begun the process of issuing five broadband infrastructural licenses for the country's various geopolitical zones.

Prof. Danbatta said two infrastructure licenses have already been issued for Lagos and North Central Zones, including Nigeria's federal capital city of Abuja.

According to the NCC executive, licences are issued in line with the focus on broadband for internet connectivity, following Nigeria's achievement of more than 107% teledensity.

"Two of the prominent goals are related to deployment of infrastructure for broadband and efficient utilisation of spectrum to benefit all Nigerians in all the regions," Danbatta said.

He added that opportunities in Nigeria's broadband space make the country a "sure haven" for investors.

Prof. Danbatta added that under his leadership, the NCC has established an eight-point agenda to create space for diversified investments. "We have put in place the agenda to encourage investors and the NCC will keep fate with the National Broadband Plans and in line with this, Nigeria now has seven zones and each zone will have one operator which will deploy broadband services to every part of that zone," he said.


The NCC has had to deal with criticisms over the secret sale of spectrum and licenses to certain individuals prompting industry watchers to call attention to the way the regulators in the Nigerian tech space are conducting transactions with ICT firms.

However, Danbatta has assured that under his leaedership, the NCC has put in place the regulatory framework which would ensure that the licensing process for the five zones is transparent. "We really want to bridge the digital divide; we want to bridge the digital divide by addressing infrastructure divide and we will be transparent and open about this," he said.

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