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Zimbabwe's e-passport system goes live

By , Zimbabwe correspondent
Zimbabwe , 22 Mar 2022

Zimbabwe’s e-passport and booking system has gone live, enabling citizens to apply and pay for e-passports.

Applicants can collect their passports within 48 hours of their application compared to seven days for those who apply in person.

In addition the Register General’s office has set up an Express e-passport portal/centre.

Express Passport Office manager, Terence Mutemeraro said, “For those who need emergency passports, the Express Centre will bring convenience. The main reason for the online booking is to decongest our place and offices, and make sure people only come at the time allocated to them.”

The system, according to officials, can serve 20 people per every 20 minutes.

Mutemararo added, “Applicants can use the online booking system to avoid congestion which had characterised the register general’s offices … Express Centres will cater for the elderly and disabled who need emergency passports.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural heritage has approved other banking sites in Harare for application fee payment. The Ministry said it will widen its focus to include Bulawayo and Chitungwiza.

Mutemararo said: “Focus will then shift to Zimbabweans in countries like South Africa, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States of America as Zimbabwe becomes one of the first African countries to adopt the modern e-passport.”

Applicants are advised to review the e-passport system online for instructions.

Officials have added that once the Express office has been established, the system will be decentralised to the other parts of the world for Zimbabweans abroad to secure passports.

Acting Registrar-General, Henry Machiri said he was optimistic that his office “has put his ducks in the row” to make sure that the e-passports will be obtained from all the country’s ten provinces by the end of June.

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