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Digital ordering made simple

Digital ordering made simple

The digital technology revolution has allowed many commercial industries to evolve and streamline their operations – as is seen with the likes of Uber in the transport industry and Air BNB in accommodation space. But business-to-consumer (B2C) markets are not the only ones ripe for the technological disruption of traditional systems.

Arch Retail Systems, one of the leading POS solution providers in Southern Africa, believes that a superior suite of products can be offered to the market through integration with best-of-breed solutions, to ensure all relevant needs are addressed in an ever-changing retail landscape. Therefore, Arch have announced yet another functional integration with a new business partner. Cloudlogic is a leading cloud solution provider with an innovative business solution - Saleslogic.

Saleslogic is a versatile full-suite digital ordering platform for internal stock ordering, sales rep management, as well as B2B and B2C ecommerce sales. With its fully digitised and integrated system, Saleslogic reduces time to market, creating higher sales volumes for businesses while offering customers quicker turnaround and superior service.

A perfect fit for businesses that use Arch for B2B and B2C sales operations, Saleslogic integrates seamlessly and offers the flexibility to meet specific ecommerce and ordering needs - including DC ordering, B2C ordering, mobile rep order-taking, wholesaler-to-manufacturer replenishment, retailer-to-wholesaler replenishment and inter-company requisitions.

Based on specific business needs, Saleslogic can offer a robust digital ecosystem to enhance sales and ordering across 4 core links in the supply chain:

B2B or B2C E-COMMERCE sales and market share can scale with this digital ordering portal that gives customers the convenience of purchasing products online, from any device.

THE REP MANAGEMENT functionality allows sales reps to have access to the business's full digital catalogue to place instant orders, as well as appointment management and meeting check-ins to allow full visibility of rep activity and performance.

INTERNAL ORDERING is the solution to "out of stock" problems, as Saleslogic makes it simple for store buyers or franchisees to forecast and order stock in just a few clicks.

MARKETING is a critical function to ecommerce businesses to ensure further adoption of the platform by customers. Saleslogic offers built-in marketing functionalities, offering businesses an additional digital marketing channel to campaign directly to their customers by showcasing specials and new products using advertisements, video content and emailers.

Saleslogic helps businesses achieve faster order fulfilment and lower costs by reducing common errors associated with inefficient processes, such as phone, email and handwritten orders.

It scales to meet business needs, gives reps a mobile ordering platform and offers customers a self-service portal to access account information, which decreases support overheads.

For more on how Saleslogic can transform your business's digital ordering processes, visit their website at to get in touch with a Business Development Consultant.

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