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Global rating agencies give telcos in Cameroon point to ponder

By , Freelance Investigative Journalist
Cameroon , 18 Jan 2022

MTN Cameroon has been awarded recognition by global rating agencies Rohde & Schwarz and Umlaut (a subsidiary of Accenture) as the telco with the best network in 2021.

The agencies evaluated networks based on performance, specifically pertaining to latency and download speed.

Their assessment placed MTN Cameroon ahead of competitors Orange Cameroun, Nexttel and Camtel. It also underlined MTN’s performance regarding voice calls and mobile internet.

In a report sent to MTN Cameroon, Rohde & Schwarz stated that it had used “a fully transparent, harmonised and user-centred measurement methodology” and added: “The calculation of the overall performance was also based on this approach. This methodology includes the key aspects of mobile communications services and the network performance results reflect the perception of users on a daily basis, regardless of the technology available.”

Stephen Blewett, CEO of MTN Cameroon, said: “This achievement is the result of significant and sustainable investments over more than 20 years now… investments in equipment, technology and, above all, in experienced and motivated men and women.”

Buea-based telecommunications engineer and analyst Rolence Achia said the assessment is much likely accurate based on the sampling data parameters, the duration of the data collection and the methodology of analysis used by both companies.

“Considering that the agencies offering the certification are key international players in the telecommunications industry, this is going to push other mobile network operators to sit up to the advantage of users,” said Achia.

According to the agencies, over 69,000 tests were conducted by Rohde & Schwarz on different mobile services including quality of voice calls, online data transfer, video streaming, internet browsing and the publication of content on social media networks.

The measurement was carried out between September and November 2021 across the country.

Umlaut paid attention to the quality of mobile internet by analysing 175 million samples collected from over 74,000 users between May and October 2021.

Both agencies carried out their evaluations using standards and procedures set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and European Telecommunications Standards Institute, among others.

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