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CPM makes inroads in East Africa

Kenya , 27 Feb 2015

CPM makes inroads in East Africa

Corporate Performance Management reporting is slowly being introduced in East Africa.

CPM is a business intelligent reporting that encompasses revenue, return on investment and budgeting.

According to Punil Patel, a consultant with Magnatec Solutions this is a new way of reporting that will enable businesses to look at their processes as a whole and not in part.

Magnatec Solutions are partners with Prophix a Canadian corporate performance management company aiming to introduce their services in Africa.

“The software gives more value to what is being projected from enterprise resource planning (ERP) software,” Patel explained.

CPM makes the information more useful to companies even to project future outcomes, Patel told ITWeb Africa.

Patel said that in East Africa most companies are using excel and other non interoperable software with their ERPs. This makes reporting and analysis an involving toil.

The price for Prophix is currently around$10,000 to $20,000 for companies and small enterprises.

Currently Patel says they plan to be in more East African companies in the near future.

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