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Syniverse, China Telecom partner to roll out 4G, IOT in MEA

Africa , 31 Jul 2019

Syniverse, China Telecom partner to roll out 4G, IOT in MEA

Global IT services and network connectivity company Syniverse has entered into a partnership with China Telecom Global (CTG) to roll out 4G and IOT solutions to the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

The companies did not specify which markets in Africa they would focus on, and said only that it would concentrate efforts on North Africa.

Roll out will involve the deployment of an IP exchange (IPX) network to facilitate 4G roaming, and Diameter, the industry-standard signaling protocol for messages from mobile devices.

A joint statement released by the partners reads: "The Syniverse IPX Network decreases network complexity and ensures high-quality, end-to-end mobile services through a secure connection to more than 750 operators in over 150 countries. In parallel, the Syniverse Diameter Signaling Service provides a powerful tool for managing, simplifying, and translating data across networks, that enable 4G data to be passed between operators and devices securely. Leveraging this reach and capacity, CTG will be able to customise a cost-efficient connectivity solution for each operator while still providing the same high performance and security."

Dean Douglas, chief executive officer at Syniverse, said: "The increasing sophistication of 4G deployments and the need to quickly complete these service upgrades are challenges that can only be fully addressed with IPX's high-performance technology."

CTG said the partnership will strengthen its collaboration with leading African mobile operators and able to provide a high-speed mobile network as well as continued investment in the infrastructure, including Points of Presence and datacentres.

Deng Xiaofeng, chief executive officer at China Telecom Global said: "4G services, and soon 5G, will quickly become the new service standard for developing mobile markets in the Middle East and Africa. As a result, this partnership is ideally suited to meet the growing requirements for high-speed connectivity for mobile users in these regions."

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