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Nigeria’s NCC proposes fibre plan to boost internet speeds

Nigeria , 13 Nov 2013

Nigeria’s NCC proposes fibre plan to boost internet speeds

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has released a proposed plan to boost internet speeds in the country through a massive roll out of fibre optic network.

Under the new national broadband network deployment plan, the NCC has proposed the licensing of a mega-infrastructure company called InfraCo.

The proposed firm is envisaged with aggregating fibre optic links of other existing operators and will also get a one-off subsidy from government.

The NCC said the objective of the initiative is to stimulate a new national broadband network that is not only more widespread but also faster and more secure.

The commission also said the available 2.3GHZ spectrum license would be auctioned to provide last mile wireless access on a wholesale basis.

According to NCC, a wholesale wireless last mile provider will interconnect with the proposed InfraCos at their Points of Access (PoA), thereby creating an integrated broadband service nationwide to homes and

Those to get involved include vertically-integrated telecommunication companies, which will consist of mainly existing private telcos that have established presences, in addition to National Long Distance Operators (NLDOs) which are private companies that “construct, own, and operate transmission networks for carrying long distance telecommunications services within Nigeria," say officials

Others to get involved are retail service providers (RSPs), who are expected to ride on the wholesale last mile provider to provide services to homes, businesses and schools.

NCC added that the proposed infrastructure is set to allow existing players to operate on the basis of business-as-usual, with the option of transferring or leasing their inter-city and existing metropolitan fibre infrastructure to the InfraCos.

The commission will hold a public consultation exercise on the plan in Lagos next week.

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