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Rebranding Etisalat Nigeria on the cards?

Nigeria , 13 Jul 2017

Rebranding Etisalat Nigeria on the cards?

Senior executives from embattled telco Etisalat Nigeria have said the company's name could change if ongoing talks regarding the brand name fail – but added that this will not impact operations.

Etisalat Nigeria's newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Boye Olusanya, reaffirmed that the company is still in talks with Etisalat International to retain the brand name, noting that the technical service agreement with Etisalat International covered the brand name, but Nigerians were running the telecoms company.

The company's Director of Consumer Care, Plato Syrimis, suggested that a brand name change would not result in the demise of the company.

"The truth is that Etisalat has been operating from the Middle East shareholder until it pulled out of Nigeria two weeks ago. We have been operating and still running. That will not affect our services. It is unfortunate that this happened, but will not affect the market, which had been in operation for many years," said Syrimis.

He argued that another Nigerian operator, Airtel changed name six times yet it did not lose its market share.

Ibrahim Dikko, Vice President, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs, Etisalat Nigeria, said if the company stops bearing Etisalat, it does not in any way imply the discontinuation of the business as the country's fourth largest mobile service provider.

"Contrary to certain misleading statements in the press about our experience centres and outlets being closed, we wish to state that all Etisalat offices, experience centres and outlets across Nigeria are in full operation and are providing services, including customer care services on 24/7 basis," he said.

The new CEO added that the main focus of the company currently is to get it back on track to making profits.

"Our mandate is to make sure the business runs as profitably as it can. What is most important now is to ensure that the business runs and meets its obligations," Olusanya said.

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