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Smart monitors: new market for Tactile Technologies

Smart monitors: new market for Tactile Technologies

Tactile Technologies is extending its product range to include niche non-touch monitors, MD Mauro Mercuri announced this week. Central to the new "Smart Monitors" line will be the digital signage monitors. This comes after almost five years of establishing Tactile Technologies as the leading supplier of touch technology solutions in South Africa.

"These are high quality niche products, for clients needing specialised applications," Mercuri explained after the launch.

"We`re talking about a number of standalone monitors from as small as five inch up to 46 inches in size, with built-in media players and speakers. Units with networking capabilities are available as well, we can even implement hard drives where necessary," he explained.

These compact units do away with the need for a separate DVD player or computer to run the system.

"The client simply loads the content onto the media player`s flash card and allows it to run on loop, for instance. Since many of these products will be used in busy public spaces, it is important that they are tamper-proof, and the remote management software and remote control system prevent third-party interference." "The monitors look elegant but are also cost-effective and save on space and messy wiring. Mercuri asserted that it was also "virtually virus-proof and there is no worry of a generic operating system crashing. Further value can be added by hardware branding".

Also new are the wide temperature range monitors which have a tolerance for temperatures from minus 20°C to as much as 80°C.

Finally the transflective monitors are a huge cost saver, since these LCD displays enhance their own brightness from the ambient light in their vicinity. High bright monitors, such as those used for ATM machines, are very expensive and bulky. The transflective monitor is an ideal replacement to high bright displays, particularly in the retail environment.

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